Themes & Sub-Themes

The theme for ASEC 2022, Engineering Resilience, covers a broad range of topics relevant to practising structural engineers, students, academics, researchers, and industry specialist providers.

Examples of potential presentation topics are listed under each sub-theme.

The sub-themes for ASEC 2022 are:

Climate change mitigation

  • Structures for the changing environment
  • Engineering for extreme events
  • Renewable energy infrastructure
  • Alternative materials
  • Decarbonization

Sustainability in design

  • Adaption and resilience
  • Longevity, adaptability
  • Circular economy
  • Best practice case studies

Innovation and digitalisation

  • Innovations in structures
  • Modulization
  • Digital design, visualization and collaboration

Research and education

  • Technology, materials, design
  • Education for changing design standards and new technologies


  • Health and science, commercial, retail, residential, facades
  • Resources, mining, materials handling
  • Logistics warehouses
  • Light industrial
  • Heavy industrial
  • Material recycling

Transport infrastructure

  • Road and rail infrastructure, underground structures, bridges
  • Ports and port facilities
  • Social infrastructure

Forensic and maintenance of structures

  • Investigation and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure
  • Heritage
  • Structural monitoring
  • Getting it right, lesson learned