Dincel Structural Walling – the modern construction material 

Dincel Structural Walling is a lightweight stay-in-place formwork system manufactured from a durable non-toxic polymer, which when filled with ready mixed concrete, produces a load bearing, fully BCA compliant structural wall.  It offers developers and builders significant cost effectiveness and major construction time savings.

Projects engineered with Dincel Structural Walling are compliant and combined with complete waterproof capability—it offers builders and developers unique modern construction solutions.

Latest innovation

The new Dincel 275 Profile features a patented innovative ring form technology that combines with high flow 200mm concrete slump to form a concrete wall with no air voids. This pour can be achieved in a  continuous flow from a height of up to 4.5 metres. Three-metre-high adequately supported basement walls can be backfilled within 24 hours of concrete pour, driving time efficiencies for the construction program.

Design Supply and Install

Dincel is now partnering with builders and developers to deliver an innovative construction system, offering a Design, Supply and Install service. This comes with a waterproof warranty when Dincel manage the Design, Supply and Install of their Dincel 275 Profile.